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Frequently Asked Questions

Deploying a freezing stocker in our warehouse: Most of our products use stock (12 units), and we have a system to deliver the ordered products quickly.

“-60 °C” ultra-low temperature freezer has been introduced: With the introduction of the “-60 ° C” extremely low-temperature freezer in Cambodia, stable storage of frozen tuna (blue tuna, yellow tuna) prevents discoloration of the material.

Introduced vacuum packing machine: If the packaging is damaged during importation, carried out several times a week, or when the packaging is inspected during inventory maintenance, the packaging should be thoroughly repackaged to a suitable vacuum to prevent Freezing and burning to protect.

Introducing Ice Battery®: Achieving cooling chains and maintaining quality in tropical Cambodia is a significant issue. With the introduction of Ice Battery® from IIT, we have developed a way to retain the delivery product temperature in Phnom Penh, which reaches 40 ° C in steady hot weather (about -15 ° C); we are making improvements to achieve Stable product quality.

Business Negotiations: If you are interested in our services and products and have or plan to open a store in Cambodia, please get in touch with us. Our sales staff (Japanese or Khmer) will meet with you to discuss the details.

Order: You can order by e-mail, phone, SMS (LINE), and other SNS. Please get in touch with us at least one day before the desired delivery date.

Delivery: Our delivery staff will deliver your order to the store of your choice the day after your order is placed. Usually, we ship the morning after the order date. Orders placed in the morning of the same day will be shipped in the afternoon of the same day if requested. If you order an item outside our inventory, we will contact you separately to inform you of the shipping schedule (please check with our sales staff for details).

Payment method: For new orders, we ask that payment be made by cash on delivery (COD) upon receipt of the first month’s order. For continuing transactions, you can choose between COD or monthly lump-sum payment (the last day of the month and the 10th of the following month) from the second month onward.