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As one of the largest In Cambodia’s market, we are a wholesale company which are importing variouse products like frozen and fresh seafood, meat, dry ingrident, beverage and other items.

Our items are more than 500 SKUs and we have more than 200 clients a month.

Some of the 200+ Clients We Service

The Brands Consumers Want

LOKA’s natural and organic, fresh and specialty wholesale grocery and natural distribution assortment offers seasoned favorites and new and emerging brands that give you exclusivity in your market.

Solution of Delivery

With LOKA, you’ll have one integrated delivery with your dry, Beverage, frozen, and fresh items. Our natural food distributor service and order fulfillment allow you to take the worry out of the equation and be a reliable Clients for your customers.

LOKA’s distribution network Our items are more than 400 SKUs will help you be first to market with new and trending items that meet your customers’ wants and needs.

We are proud to distribute products in an array of areas including Alcohol And Beverage, Dried Ingredients, meat, and seafood.

Your Partner In Innovation

As a natural food distributor, LOKA can help you expand your business online through customized white-label websites, drop shipping, and other digital solutions to keep your business nimble and ahead of your competition.

Procurements channel

More than 200 partners in the world.







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