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The Developing Cambodian Market

Cambodia has been one of the fastest-growing ASEAN countries in recent years, and according to the IMF, it is expected to be the fastest-growing ASEAN country by 2025.

In 2022, companies from Japan and many other countries are still operating in the country. Although imported foodstuffs are more expensive than local foodstuffs, they are valuable and of high quality and are used in the cuisine of many different countries. Demand for food products is expected to increase further as incomes rise due to economic development in the future.

Khmer times:

Transaction in local currency

We have partner companies based in Japan and Thailand. This allows us to flexibly handle transactions in Japanese yen, Thai baht, and other currencies and respond flexibly to needs within Cambodia and from Japan, Thailand, and other neighboring countries.

Trading of goods in small lots

We have an established transportation system, including containers, which is necessary for the transportation of goods. Therefore, although the product determines the minimum quantity, we can handle products in much smaller lot sizes, such as one piece or one pack.

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