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We support food distribution for all forms of businesses.

Product & food distribution to 500+ clients

We are one of the largest food wholesale businesses in Cambodia, handling a wide variety of products, including seafood, meat, agricultural products, beverages, alcoholic beverages, seasonings, and other ambient products.

We import products from Japan and neighboring countries of Cambodia and deliver them to customers throughout Cambodia.

Many types of target customers

Private or chain restaurants

Food courts and other spaces

Mass merchandisers, supermarkets, and convenience stores

Online retailers

Sole proprietors

General customer

LOKA Food&Beverage

To customers of all forms

We do business with all types of customers and have over 500 customers.

We provide products to all forms of food customers, not only privately owned and chain restaurants, but also hotels and food courts, mass merchandisers, supermarkets and convenience stores, individual business owners, and direct sales to consumer customers.

Huge distribution network throughout Cambodia

To provide our products to many customers, we have established a distribution network that can deliver throughout Cambodia.

We have established a system that allows us to deliver nationwide within Cambodia, mainly in the major cities of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville. This allows us to have many customers throughout Cambodia, from large companies to private owners.

Established transportation system

We have established a transportation system that includes air cargo and refrigerated containers. Therefore, we handle goods in all temperature zones, from room temperature to refrigerated, chilled, and frozen goods.

From Japan
・ Air cargo: 8 to 10 flights/month
・ Refrigerated containers: 1 time/month
・ Dry Container: 1 time/2-3 month

From other neighboring countries (Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Malaysia)
・ Land Transportation:  Weekly
・ Freezer Container: 1 time/2-3 month

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