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Diamond Island Exhibition & Convention Center (DIECC) in Phnom Penh



LOKA as the Best Booth Winner at CAMFOOD AND CAMHOTEL’22

After a three-year hiatus, we are excited to announce the returning of the enormous Culinary and Hospitality Expo of CAMFOOD and CAMHOTEL 2022 took place in DIECC from 16 to 17 November. For the very first time, it was incredibly a great opportunity for S.E.A.T.S Inc to participate in this event to present as one of the food importer and wholesaler known as LOKA Food & Beverage. This global exhibition organized annually by the Cambodia Tourism Federation, the Cambodian Chefs Association, the Cambodian Restaurant Association, and the Cambodian Hotel Association with the aim of revitalizing and developing Cambodia’s HOREKA (Food and Hospitality) in Cambodia.

To celebrate the rebound of this event, a widely gathering of exhibitors was surprisingly reached to over 150 booths from 100 companies along with approximately 9,000 attendees participated and indulged the feast for the sense. This ultimate gastronomy and hospitality exhibition attracted not only a diverse range of exhibitors display variety of products and services but also professionals and decision-makers from the food and hotel sectors, such as chefs, hotel managers, restaurant owners, and buyers.

Embark of this topmost quest of the worldwide culinary and hospitality expedition, we, as one of the food and beverage importer and wholesaler among the 16 international anticipators, are pleased to introduce our products to over 3,000 visitors who had visited our booth during these three days event for the new bites experience as the passport to unlock a new destination. Regarding to our products showcase, we got to display a diverse range of products featuring from fresh fish, meat to other foods and beverages we produced and imported by our own.

During these gastronomic and hospitality expedition, we strived to offer our current and new customers with a truly unique and unforgettable new bites experience as well as tantalized the interest of our products to other business owners. Ultimately, the strenuous of our product exhibiting activity has made us become one of the Topnotch known as the Winner of the Best Booth Award at CAMFOOD&HOTEL 2022. In respect of the support from our consumers and other businesses, we promise to put more effort to always serve you with the best quality and unique experience in gastronomic expedition.

We exhibited and introduced a number of our products ranging from fresh fish, meat, and other food products to beverages.

Sixteen companies from Japan, Thailand, and other countries sponsored our booth, and we also offered tastings of sample products provided by our suppliers. Over 3,000 visitors visited our booth during the three days of the event. We were able to attract interest in our products not only from our current customers but also from a wide range of businesses.

We also won the Best Booth Award at CAMFOOD&HOTEL 2022. We will continue to work harder to provide better products to our customers.